Tissue Approximation Course (Knotting & Suturing)

April 11 - 12, 2013

Course Overview:

Suturing Practice

  • Extracorporeal Knots
  • Instrumentation for Knotting and Suturing
  • Art of Knotting
  • Principles and Demonstration of Holding a Needle and Taking a Stitch
  • Interrupted Suturing on Hollow Organs (intestine)
  • Continuous Suturing
  • Suture and Knot in Difficult Situations (Bad Angles and Sectorial Suturing and Knotting)


International Eminent Speaker 


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Suturing Practice 2

Course Program

Day 1

Registration and fellowship
Extra-corporeal Knots (Lecture)
Practice of extracorporeal knots on endotrainer
Tea Break
Instrumentation for knotting and suturing (Lecture and demonstration)
Art of knotting (lecture)
Practice of knots on endotrainer (Gloves)
Lunch Break
Principles and Demonstration of holding a needle and taking a stitch
Practice on gloves of taking suture

Day 2

Practice on animal tissue (meat /chicken blocks)
Interrupted suturing on hollow organs (intestine)
Demonstration of continuous suturing
Tea Break
Practice of continuous suturing on gloves
Practice on hollow organs (stomach or intestine)
Lunch Break
Suture and knot in difficult situations (bad angles and sectorial suturing and knotting)
Practice on hollow organs
Certification and close