Dubai Hospital Urologists perform first 3-D keyhole surgery in the UAE

Dubai hospital first 3D keyhole surgeryThe Urology Department in Dubai Hospital performed for the first time in the UAE a laparoscopic (keyhole) operation with a three-dimensional (3-D) high definition (HD) surgical vision system.

The three-D surgery was performed by Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, Urologist at Dubai Hospital and his team.
Dr Bagheri said: "Twenty years ago, most surgeries were performed by an open approach, which usually required big skin incisions and, consequently, left the patient with huge scars. Over the last twenty years, however, keyhole surgery -

Single port laparoscopic surgery now popular

Single port laparoscopic surgery or Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS) is being practiced for the last three years at various centers with great success.

It has an edge over standard multiple port laparoscopic surgery by providing a single entry point, explained Dr Gautam Lahiri, Specialist General Surgeon, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai. Being a single incision entry, it is cosmetically better accepted and less painful than standard multiple port entry.

Unique keyhole surgery saves cancer patient

Dubai: The life of a cancer patient has been saved by a unique and timely laparoscopic surgery, which according to a top surgeon, is the first of its kind in the UAE.

Laparoscopy, or keyhole surgery, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a tube with a light source and camera to allow a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without making large incisions.

New trends in laparoscopic surgery unveiled at forum

RIYADH: A major symposium on laparoscopic surgery focused on the benefits of this highly-innovative procedure, which has revolutionized the medical world today. The benefits of laparoscopic surgery include small skin incisions, better cosmetic scars, less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery, argued top health experts, who also examined the disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery at the symposium organized here last week.

Laparoscopy repair
 for hernia of groin

DUBAI — Hernia of groin region is a common problem. The symptoms are swelling, and discomfort or pain in inguinal region, said Dr Uday Shankar, Specialist General Surgeon, Zulekha, Dubai.
The body portion between lower abdomen and thigh can be defined as inguinal region.