Laparoscopy repair
 for hernia of groin

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DUBAI — Hernia of groin region is a common problem. The symptoms are swelling, and discomfort or pain in inguinal region, said Dr Uday Shankar, Specialist General Surgeon, Zulekha, Dubai.
The body portion between lower abdomen and thigh can be defined as inguinal region.

“It can start from sense of weakness or discomfort especially on coughing or after strenuous work and then progress to transient small bulge, later to persistent swelling,” said the doctor. “It can become an obstruction which is a life-threatening situation that warrants emergency surgery.”

Surgery with mesh application is the only treatment for this problem and should be done as soon as possible, he advises.

“Laparoscopy surgery is possible in these cases. The advantage with laparoscopy surgery is that the pain is minimal and patient can resume his normal life after five to seven days of surgery in comparison to open hernia surgery where it is possible only after three weeks.”

Additional advantage of laparoscopy hernia repair is that even bilateral hernia can be fixed by the same small three cut on skin and even the small hidden femoral hernia and obturator hernia can also be diagnosed and repaired.

The doctor said that the mesh placed during laparoscopic approach is much bigger than the open technique one taking care of risk of femoral or obturator hernia in future.

Other hernia like one near naval area or near the previous surgery scar can also be repaired using laparoscopy technique.

Dr Uday Shankar, Specialist General Surgeon, Zulekha, Dubai