New trends in laparoscopic surgery unveiled at forum

Written by Ghazanfar Ali Khan on .

RIYADH: A major symposium on laparoscopic surgery focused on the benefits of this highly-innovative procedure, which has revolutionized the medical world today. The benefits of laparoscopic surgery include small skin incisions, better cosmetic scars, less postoperative pain, shorter hospital stay and faster recovery, argued top health experts, who also examined the disadvantages of laparoscopic surgery at the symposium organized here last week.

"Patients suffering from various ailments can undergo laparoscopic surgery, which has been augmented by specialized tools for decades," said Dr Mohammed Omar Alomayer, director and chief executive of Huraymala General Hospital (HGH), while addressing the symposium. The event provided a platform for top surgeons to share their views and insights with about 300 delegates from more then 20 hospitals and 25 Primary Health Care centers, who attended the symposium. Yadulla Pashayev, chief of the consular section at Azerbaijan embassy, was also present.

Alomayer emphasized on the importance of "laparoscopy in modern surgical practice". He gave special thanks to Dr. Adnan S. Abdulkareem, MoH's director general of health affairs for Riyadh region and his team for their continuous support to such events that help to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the healthcare professionals.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr Ifrat Isa Bakirov, chairman of the symposium organizing committee, said that the event was convened to share the recent advances in the field of laparoscopy among surgical community and to share knowledge about the complications of the procedure. He acknowledged that recommendations made by the symposium speakers will help to improve patient care in this domain of medical science.

The event, organized by HGH and sponsored by Ronesca Company, concluded with the distribution of several awards and commendations among outstanding speakers and participants by Senhat Al-Gheaithi, governor of the Huraymala region and Dr. Mohammed Alzahrani, the MoH director of hospitals' administration at the General Directorate of Health Affairs in Riyadh Region. Those, who received awards and commendations include Dr. Hamad Alqahtani, Dr. Saad Alhamidi, Dr. Mohammed Almohaidly, Dr. Ifrat Isa Bakirov and Dr. Yasen Alalayet.

The symposium featured lectures and talks that focused on the principles of laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic bariatric surgery, video-assisted thoracoscopy, Iatrogenic biliary Injury, laparoscopic surgery in paediatric practice and fetoscopy.

Also, the workshop for basic laparoscopic skills was of special interest for participants, as they got opportunity to be familiar with the modern laparoscopic facilities provided by Covidien and Applied Medical Companies.